Super Shopping with a Supermarket RD

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Imagine this – you are standing comparing food items in your grocery store and wondering which one is a healthier option. Out of nowhere, a helpful dietitian appears and offers you advice about one product over another.

This fairy grocery store godmother isn’t too goo to be true…she’s the real deal, also known as a supermarket dietitian.

Supermarket dietitians (also called retail dietitians) have been around for decades, but they are certainly having their renaissance moment now.

An article published in the New York Times in 2012 highlighted the benefits of employing a Supermarket RD for both supermarkets and consumers. And, as Beth Orenstein puts it in her article The Rise of Supermarket RDs, “More chains are hiring dietitians to counsel shoppers and achieve a competitive edge.”

Orenstein points out that the typical US woman goes to the doctor twice a year. But that same woman visits her supermarket two or more times per week.

And what exactly do these supermarket nutrition gurus do? Well, for starters they may:

  • Write nutrition articles for grocery store newsletters
  • Answer customer questions in store or via the store website
  • Provide grocery store tours and in-store demonstrations

To learn more about the phenomenon of supermarket RDs, check out the Retail Dietitians Business Alliance. And next time you’re at the grocery store, ask around to see if a supermarket dietitian is available to help make your shopping experience a little easier…and a whole lot healthier.

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