Food Trends for 2015

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A new year on the horizon brings predictions on food trends for 2015. Which foods will be topping your to-eat list in the coming year? Here are a few cutting-edge culinary trends as predicted by Sterling-Rice Group:

  1. Regional Grains – quinoa has had it time in the sun and other grains now take center stage; look for small scale grain varieties and whole grains such as amaranth
  2. Asian Inspired – Americans have moved beyond Chinese food; other ethnicities such as Thai, Japanese, and Filipino foods will flourish
  3. Matcha – Japanese Matcha, a powdered green tea brimming with fiber and antioxidants appears in products like ice cream and smoothies
  4. Coconut Sugar – you know coconut oil, but coconut sugar (sourced from the sap of the flowers of coconut plants) shows up as an alternative sweetener boasting “minimal processing”
  5. Beat Up Produce – a food trend that started in France, Americans will be inspired to purchase misshapen and less-than-perfect produce as a means to control food waste

The US eater will also be inclined to exercise buying options that promote sustainability, support entrepreneurial food initiatives and seek out balanced nutrition options in the grocery store.

For more info on the evolving American palate, check out the full top 10 list from SRG here.

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