Is a Detox Diet Right for You?

With the New Year upon us, people are scrambling for diet resolutions and looking to detox.

With all of the buzz about detox diets, you may have started to wonder if you should start one too?

detox-dietsWhat are Toxins?

Toxins are defined as substances that have entered the body through smoking, pollution, pesticides, or additives found in the food we eat.

Detox diets claim to help rid the body of toxins, provide more energy and help kick start weight loss; however, there is little scientific evidence to support that detox diets actually rid the body of toxins. There is also no way to measure if you are “toxic”, or to justify if you even need to detox!

If You’re Gonna Detox…Do it Right!

Here are few detox tips that are good to know:

  • Your body has a built in system to remove harmful substances: your liver, lungs, kidneys, and GI tract are always in a natural state of cleansing
  • People with medical conditions such as diabetes or certain types of cancer as well as children, older adults and pregnant women should avoid detox diets as they may be nutritionally inadequate or inappropriate
  • Detox diets do have side effects: moodiness, irritability, depression, fatigue, and constipation (from a lack of fiber and other nutrients) may occur
  • Quick fix diets only provide short-term results; most people gain lost weight back…and then some.

The healthiest way to utilize a detox diet – if at all – is for a very short period of time. Most nutrition experts agree that if a “detox diet” is kept to 1-2 days, it can serve as an important psychological break between a period of unhealthy eating (the holidays?) and a new healthier period in the New Year.

Special thanks to Dietetic Intern Jenny Legrand for her contributions to this post.