How Does Your Adult FITTness Stack Up?


You may remember taking part in the President’s Challenge Fitness Test when you were in elementary school. Millions of American school children have participated in a battery of tests as part of their school-based physical education for decades.

It may have been years since you took PE, but as an adult, you can still test out how your fitness falls by completing the President’s Challenge: Adult Fitness Test.

The adult version of the popular test challenges older Americans to a battery of tests, including:

  • Aerobic Fitness Test: 400 meter walk, 1 mile walk, or 1.5 mile run
  • Muscular Strength & Endurance Test: Half-Sit Up & Push-Up
  • Flexibility Test: Sit & Reach
  • Body Composition Test: BMI & Waist Circumference

Each of the tests has a component that focuses on the FITT principle to improve your fitness. FITT stands for:

  • F – Frequency: how often do you exercise?
  • I – Intensity: how intensely or strenuously do you work out?
  • T – Time: how long do you exercise for?
  • T – Type: what type or kind of activities are you engaging in?

By gradually upping your Frequency, Intensity, Time, or Type of exercise, you can improve your overall fitness level.

So jump online and test out your adult fitness today! To learn more about The President’s Challenge Adult Fitness Test, click here.